"The two musicians have showed a remarkable talent through this magnificent combination of instruments, valorising this eclectic repertoire with subtile variation."
(Midi libre, August 2014)

"Their sound is lovely and full of warmth, their interpretation is sensitive and precise" 
(Midi libre, August 2015)

“Reginald Smith-Brindles 'Lachrymae' was played in a refined musical conversation between two excellent musicians. They listen very carefully to each other and bring the music to a highly expressive level."

(Boetiek Klassiek, Klara, November 2015)

"This lovely duo always spreads joy and persuasiveness.
Therefore I was delighted to listen to their beautiful interpretation of my 'Suite de Montsouris', which I have written for them with great pleasure."

(Wilfried Westerlinck, composer)

© Duo Andaluza 2014 

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